J 29F


 Photo:© Harald Rosenkvist.



Nation: Sweden.

Type: Jet-fighter.

Engine: One turbo-jet, De Havilland Ghost rated at 2160 kp and with afterburner 2800 kp.

Performance: Max speed M 0.93. Cruising speed 800 km/h.

Ceiling: 15 000 m.

Weights: Empty 4845 kg. Max loaded 8375 kg.

Dimensions: Span 10,23 m, lengt 11,00 m, height 3,75 m. and wingarea 24,15 sq. m.

Armament: 4 x 20 mm Hispano cannons, rockets and a number of planes where modified to carry 2 air-to-air, Sidewinder infrared homing missiles.

First flight on Sept. 1. 1948. Testpilot was: Wing- Commander "Bob" Moore.

661 of the J 29F aircraft was manufactured by SAAB Military Aircraft Co.

The last one was delivered to Swedish Airforce on March, 19. 1956.